DevTeach Vancouver May 28th – Jun 1st 2012

DevTeach DevTeach is the place you can learn many area’s of technologies from the experts. It will have pre-conference workshops (May 28th) , 3 full days of main conference (May 29,30,31) and a Post-Conference (June 1st). It’s not free but you will get what you pay for. Earlybirds’ discount is available. Check to you if you can find your favorate speakers there, and what they are going to talk about.

I will be presenting Parallel Task Scheduling with T-SQL, Code: 422, Level: 400. You might already attend my presentation on this before however this session will be the revised one with new features included. You won’t miss this enjoyable 75-minute session. See you there.

It’s not so difficult to write a stored procedure to execute number of tasks (SQL statements) sequentially and/or conditionally. However, things will become complex when you decide to run the code blocks within the procedure from different sessions concurrently with desired ordering and definable degrees of parallelism. In this session, we will discuss different ways to implement thread schedulers, semaphores, synchronizations, and process ordering as well as process monitoring and manipulation by using pure T-SQL.

Blog Posts:
DevTeach – Vancouver May 28th – Jun 1st 2012
Locking and Blocking
Parallel Task Scheduling (1) – Jobs
Parallel Task Scheduling (2) – Jobs
Parallel Task Scheduling (3) – Complex Ordering with SQL Jobs
More coming…

DevTeach – Vancouver May 28th – Jun 1st 2012

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