Thanks for visiting my blog the place I am sharing with you my passion, thoughts, knowledge, opinions, and experiences on SQL Server and Dot Net technologies. I love to talk about them and truly believe we can find somethig new after our discussion. I welcome and appreciate any types of your involvment.

Theories, Thoughts, and Codes
Your are free to use my theories, thoughts, and codes, posted here in your work, tests, and experiments. Please be aware of the fact that they might negatively impact your system, cause data lost, or make damage (well, may not as serious as I said). I would highly recommend you to ensure you fully understand them before putting them in practice. I will try to make thing work as expected but may not able to make it perfect all the time. Applying codes and ideas on your system is at your own risk.

Articles, Posts and Videos
You are free to put my articles, posts, and videos on your website but you must show where it’s originated after my words or at the end of your posts as a reference. My articles, posts, and videos are my own opinions. If you think they are echo of what you had said and want me to remove them, please let me know.

Presentation slide decks and demos
I frequently present SQL Server technologies in the communities. I will post my slide decks and demos on this site. You are free to download them for your own learning purpose. You are required to get my explicit permission to distribute or use it in your presentations.

At the end, I hope you like my posts. I appreciate any feedback from you. Thank you in advance.