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Hash joins and hash teams in Microsoft SQL Server


Parallel Task Scheduling With T-SQL @ DevTeach 2012 Vancouver
It’s not so difficult to write a stored procedure to execute number of tasks (SQL statements) sequentially and/or conditionally. However, things will become complex when you decide to run the code blocks within the procedure from different sessions concurrently with desired ordering and definable degrees of parallelism. In this session, we will discuss different ways to implement thread schedulers, semaphores, synchronizations, and process ordering as well as process monitoring and manipulation by using pure T-SQL.

Locking and Concurrency Considerations in DB Design @ Vancouver Tech Fest 2012 April 28, 2012
Concurrency is one of the most important things to be seriously considered while designing a complex database system. Fully understanding different level of concurrency control is the key to make your design success. Most of SQL Server internal concurrency controls are implemented through locks. We can utilized the same mechanism to customize the concurrency control for your processes.

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  1. Hi John,

    Yesterday i have searched Locking & Blocking material on NET that time i have opened so many links when i open your link “” i saw many article are there i read i like your comments and views but most important things in this link you have scenario basis example download feature also attached which is really very good and useful for us i appreciated your hard work and helping sql society .

    Qazi Saif

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