It’s so sad to say that there will be no more Microsoft Certified SQL Server Master, Architect, and Solution Master any more after October 1, 2013. We all received this email from Microsoft. If you are still keen in getting the highest technology certification, September this year will be your last chance. It’s also your last chance to stay in this exclusive and highly technical community. Otherwise, waiting for evolved certification in the future and/or joining millions of MCSEs will be your choices. Although it will be retired very soon, I still believe all certified masters possess their expert level knowledge on SQL Server. They have been spent tremendous time on learning SQL Server, practicing, and resolving real life problems. Great experience attending 3 week training session at Microsoft Redmond. Thanks for all my instructors.

No More SQL Masters

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One thought on “No More SQL Masters

  1. Hi 黄大师,我是宋沄剑,我想这次MVP Summit最大的收获就是和你在SQL Server MVP Party晚上的一席长谈了.

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