Protect Yourself from Using DBCC WritePage

I blogged DBCC WritePage a year ago here It’s an extremely dangerous command especially with the last parameter “directORbufferpool” of this command turned on. I also showed you how to fix the page checksum here To protect yourself, please ensure you are operating on the database that you want, not system databases. Taking a full backup before playing this command is important. Never run it in your production. Beside that, there is a simple way to rollback changes made by DBCC WritePage…

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Fix Page Checksum

A checksum value is tagged with every data page in SQL Server. This is used to detect issues on the storage system to ensure what has been read from the disk is what has been written to the disk. When the checksum is detected which is not the one it’s supposed to be, the page will not be read into the buffer pool. SQL Server will return error. If you are sure the data on the page are all correct or the checksum is broken purposely, you do have the option to fix it even you don’t know how to calculate it.

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